Buildout - software build system reloaded!

Buildout is a Python-based build system for creating, assembling and deploying applications from multiple parts, some of which may be non-Python-based. It lets you create a buildout configuration and reproduce the same software later.

"Buildout is an exceedingly civilized way to develop an app." --Jacob Kaplan-Moss, creator of Django

"While not directly aiming to solve world peace, it perhaps will play a role in the future, as people will be less angry about application deployment and will have more time for making love and music." --Noah Gift, co-author of 'Python For Unix and Linux' from O'Reilly.

"Even if you are not planning on writing any custom code, the buildout approach is an easy way to install Plone in a robust, well-tested manner." --Martin Aspeli, Plone core developer.

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Meet the
users of Buildout.
These projects and communities use Buildout as the main tool to install and manage software.

You can use Buildout with any Python project however, such as the following projects:

And the people
behind it.
Buildout is created by Jim Fulton of Zope Corporation, along with hundreds of recipe authors. There are numerous recipes created by the community.