What people says about Buildout ?ΒΆ

  • Buildout is an exceedingly civilized way to develop an app. –Jacob Kaplan-Moss, creator of Django.
  • “While not directly aiming to solve world peace, it perhaps will play a role in the future, as people will be less angry about application deployment and will have more time for making love and music.” –Noah Gift, co-author of ‘Python For Unix and Linux’ from O’Reilly.
  • “Even if you are not planning on writing any custom code, the buildout approach is an easy way to install Plone in a robust, well-tested manner.” –Martin Aspeli, Plone core developer.
  • “Buildout was a natural choice for a build and deployment management tool.” –Rob Miller
  • “Buildout is no longer just for developers. Get your products ready!” –Steve McMahon
  • “I really think Buildout is the only sane way to develop anything serious using python these days” –Ignas Mikalajunas